The development methodologies and tools have changed in the 2nd decade of 21st century. All the skills and expertise the developers acquired in early years of 2000 are obsolete. Development technologies and tools are changing at fast pace and a business needs to keep their human capital trained with the newer tools and technologies.

With our experience of building modern applications for some of the large corporates in US, we share our expertise with development teams for following skills:


• Telerik ASP.Net Ajax

• Telerik Kendo UI

• Telerik Reports

• jQuery

• Xamarin Mobile Development

• AngularJS

• TypeScript


What our awesome clients have to say about us.

IPC Healthcare, Inc.

Their patients are primarily elderly patients who periodically move between different facilities like nursing homes and hospitals.The client’s case managers needed a way to track patients and keep up-to-date patient information in a single repository.

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